Teseq NSG 437 ESD Simulator System

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The Teseq NSG 437 ESD Simulator is an electrostatic discharge testing system that produces up to 30 kV of air and contact discharge. Designed to fulfill a host of international requirements, the Teseq NSG 437 meets the vast majority of today's automotive manufacturer standards. A handheld device which displays its data on a touchscreen control panel, the Teseq NSG 437 shows technicians essential information such as precise functional and test data for their convenience. A range of parameter settings are available to NSG 437 operators, including freely adjustable pulse repetition, polarity selection, discharge detection and counter functions, which are all available up to the maximum discharge voltage. Settings are pre-programmed so that the simulator is automatically set up properly and the correct discharge network is installed, as according to requirements like IEC 61000-4-2 and ISO 10605.