Baker AWA IV-12, 12kV Surge & DC HiPot Tester

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Rent Baler AWA IV-12, 12kV Surge & DC HiPot Tester
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Baker Instruments AWA IV-12
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The AWA IV-12 Surge & DC HiPot Tester is part of the Baker AWA-IV series of static motor analyzers which integrates a wide range electrical tests on motors that meet the highest standards of quality. This instrument supports all major electric motor tests in a single portable unit. These tests include surge, polarization index, DC HiPot, MegOhm and winding resistance. The Baker AWA-IV is fully compliant with industry-standard IEEE recommendations. With the Baker AWA-IV, SKF continues to innovate with its steadfast commitment to quality, reliability, and products with the capabilities customers demand.
Baker Instruments AWA IV-12 Specs
Surge Test
Output Voltage 0 to 12,000 V
Max Ouput Current 600 A
Pulse Energy 2.88 J
Storage Capacitance 0.04 μF
Sweep Range 2.5 to 200 μs/Div
Volts Division 500/1,000/2,000/3,000
Repetition Rate 5 Hz
Voltage Measurement and Accuracy ± 12%
DC HiPot Test
Max Output Current 1,000 μA
Current Resolution 0.1, 1, 10, 100 μA/Div
Over-current Trip Settings 1, 10, 100, 1.000 μA
Full scale voltage and current measurement and accuracy ± 5%
MΩ accuracy ± 10%
Max MΩ reading 50,000 MΩ