Emerson 475 HART Communicator

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The Emerson 475 HART Communicator interfaces with HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer protocol) enabled devices over 20mA analog wiring, simplifying calibration and helping users to diagnose faults before they affect performance. Emerson 475 field communicators build on the success of the 375 model by introducing a color display, Bluetooth connectivity, and innovative field analysis tools like Valve Link Mobile. The 475 HART communicator supports HART v5, 6 and 7, as well as Wireless HART devices. Emerson HART communicators are compatible with AMS Device Manager, allowing users to craft a predictive maintenance model based on their data. 475 field communicators also simplify configuration with the Easy Upgrade application, which lets users back up hundreds of device configurations and transfer them between the unit and a computer. Valve Link Mobile is another application designed to streamline testing, one focused on empowering users to perform quick tests like valve signature, dynamic error band, PD one-button sweep and step response on HART and Fieldbus digital valve controllers.

ATEC offers affordable Emerson 475 HART Communicator rental rates and immediate shipping, along with a full inventory of calibration test equipment.