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Discontinued: The Emerson HART Communicator 475 has been replaced by the Emerson AMS Trex.

Emerson AMS Trex

The Emerson HART Communicator 475 works with HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer protocol) enabled devices over 20mA analog wiring, simplifying calibration and helping users to diagnose faults before they affect performance. With powerful field diagnostics, Bluetooth communication, and universal support for HART, the Emerson 475 Field Communicator is an innovative and cutting-edge device that can help people meet their testing requirements.
This hart communicator rental supports HART v5, 6, and 7, as well as Wireless HART devices. Emerson HART communicators are compatible with AMS Device Manager, allowing users to craft a predictive maintenance model based on their data. The Emerson 475 field communicators also simplify configuration with the Easy Upgrade application, which lets users back up hundreds of device configurations and transfer them between the unit and a computer. The Emerson 475 has a rechargeable lithium-ion power module that lasts 20 hours (for continuous use), 40 hours (for typical use), and 80 hours (for standby mode). The battery charger is a mini-DIN 6-pin jack.
Emerson 475 field communicators build on the success of the 375 model by introducing a color display. The model has a full-color graphical interface with an anti-glare coating. The durable exterior of the unit makes it ideal for in-field work. This is a single-handed device. The handheld aspect of this hart communicator rental makes the model user-friendly, lightweight, and easy to transport.
With ATEC’s HART communicator rental of the Emerson 475 technicians can streamline testing and identify irregularities such as valve problems and network inconstancies. The Emerson 475 HART Communicator empowers operators to perform quick tests like valve signature, dynamic error band, PD one-button sweep, and step response on HART and Fieldbus digital valve controllers.
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