Fluke 743B Documenting Process Calibrator

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Fluke 743B Documenting Process Calibrator
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Fluke Calibration 743B
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743B Datasheet
The Fluke 743B does the work of several tools – sourcing, simulating and measuring pressure, temperature, and electrical signals in one rugged, hand-held device. For documentation, the 743B automates calibration procedures and captures your data. It helps you meet rigorous standards like ISO 9000, FDA, EPA and OSHA regulations. The 743B has a PC interface that lets you download procedures, lists, and instructions created with software or upload data for printing, archiving, and analysis. With its expanded memory, the Fluke 743B can hold a full week of calibrations and procedures.
Fluke Calibration 743B Features
  • Measure volts, mA, RTDs, thermocouples, frequency, and ohms to test sensors, transmitters and other instruments
  • Source/simulate volts, mA, thermocouples , RTDs, frequency, ohms, and pressure to calibrate transmitters
  • Power transmitters during test using loop supply with simultaneous mA measurement
  • Measure/source pressure using any of 29 Fluke 700Pxx Pressure Modules
  • Measure and source with one compact, rugged, reliable tool
  • Create and run automated as-found/as-left procedures to satisfy quality programs or regulations. Record and document results
  • Use many features like autostep, custom units, user entered values during test, one-point and two-point switch testing, square root DP flow testing, programmable measurement delay etc.
  • Bright white display. Read both sourced and measured parameters.
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • Handling of fast pulsed RTD transmitters and PLCs, with pulses as short as 1msec
  • Standard delivered with DPC/Track Sample software. Compatible with many Asset Management software packages