FARO FaroBlu HD Laser Line Probe

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The FARO FaroBlu HD Laser Line Probe leverages optically high standard blue laser technology with an eighth-axis Quantum FAROarm as a coordinate measuring machine. The quantum arms are ISO 10260-12:2016 certified, which contributes to delivering reliable measurements that has ±25μm (±0.001in) accuracy within the effective scan width between 80mm and 150mm.

The FARO FaroBlu HD Laser Line Probe delivers improved scanning results with higher resolution from its superior ability to discover microscale details in an object. The FaroBlu HD Laser also provides a 50% reduction in speckle noise compared to a laser with a longer wavelength. FARO Laser is combined with the Prizm Laser Line Probe, taking advantage of the green laser technology’s ability to provide high color visual definition and 3D color scanning. 

With high-speed wireless operation and dual swappable battery capability, the FaroBlu HD Laser optimizes user experience. The FARO FaroBlu HD Laser Line Probes are applicable in the aerospace, automotive, metal fabrication, and molding industries for alignment, inspection, and scanning.