FARO 8-Axis QuantumS 4-Meter FaroArm

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The FARO 8-Axis QuantumS 4-Meter FaroArm is an advanced coordinate measuring machine, offering incredible performance for laser scanning applications and hard probing. The QuantumS 4-Meter FaroArm works more quickly than similar coordinate measuring machines without losing that needed precision. Both 6-Axis and 7-Axis measurements are accurate within 0.026 mm for sphere probing size and within 0.055 mm for a Single Point Articulation Test (SPAT).

To make the best use of those 8-Axis capabilities, this coordinating measuring machine has FARO's precise ScanArm technology. The FARO 8-Axis QuantumS 4-Meter FaroArm uses the lightweight 3D scanning solution to gain even more accuracy combined with an ergonomic experience. The ScanArm's 3D measurements capture measurements within 0.080 mm using the FAROBlu HD technology and 0.085 mm thanks to the innovative FARO Prizm.

The FARO 8-Axis QuantumS 4-Meter FaroArm is a part of the FARO 8-Axis QuantumS FaroArm series.