Mitutoyo Quick Vision Elf Pro Compact CNC Vision Measuring System

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Rent Mitutoyo Quick Vision Elf Pro Compact CNC Vision Measuring System
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Mitutoyo QVELF
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QVELF Datasheet
A 3D CNC Mitutoyo Vision Measuring System offering accuracy in the 2.3µm class (measuring 100mm). Programmable ring lighting provides the flexibility in lighting direction, angle and intensity, no matter the slope of the workpiece surface, that enables achievement of maximum surface contrast for best imaging resolution, and hence accuracy. A lightweight, space-saving design that offers a very high performance/cost ratio. The fixed bridge, moving table design is used for the ultimate in rigidity.
Mitutoyo QVELF Features
  • With a controller-integrated compact size design, this light weight, space saving series is appropriate for installation anywhere where space is limited.
  • With a small body and full functionality, this series offers various types of machines equipped with the PRL illuminator and power turret.
  • The highest performance/cost ratio of the series.
  • The three tube lens selection provides three magnification levels while the same objective lens. Replacement objective lenses allow a wide range of magnifications to support a variety of measurements.
  • Fine control of obliquity and direction provides illumination optimal for measurement. Obliquity can be arbitrarily set in the range from 30° to 80°. This type of illumination is effective for enhancing the edge of inclined surfaces or very small steps. Illumination can be controlled independently in every direction, back and forth, right and left. Measurement with edge enhancement is possible by forming a shadow by lighting from only one direction.
  • Mitutoyo offers models featuring the LAF system which enables high-speed focusing.