Keyence IM-7000 Image Dimension Measurement System

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The Keyence IM-7000 Image Dimension Measurement System is an optical comparator that performs dimensional analysis in seconds, measuring up to 99 dimensions on up to 100 parts with a single push of a button. Keyence IM-7000 measurement systems record width, height and radius of an object with a cutting-edge light probe. The light probe automatically identifies measurement points and performs automatic focal adjustments. While generating specifications for the object under test, Keyence IM-7000 units split each pixel into 100 or more subpixels, which offers a wide field-of-view with the same high level of precision. Lines, circles, burrs and chips are all detected. Select the tools to be used and the measurement area on a 10.4” LCD monitor, and the IM-7000 will provide statistical values like Cp and Cpk, as well as feedback on trends, all in a full inspection report.