Fluke 5560A High Performance Multi Product Calibrator

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The Fluke 5560A High-Performance Multi-Product Calibrator calibrates the most popular benchtop 6.5-digit multimeters with a 4:1 test uncertainty ratio and clamp meters to 1500 A. The Fluke 5560A has an optional 1-, 2-, and 10-turn current coil and a 50-turn current coil work that enables technicians to calibrate workload, including clamp-type current meters and oscilloscope current probes. The Fluke 5560A is equipped with a thermocouple connector, which allows engineers to make an easier connection and broadens the temperature workload coverage. The Fluke 5560A provides reverse power protection and immediate output disconnection on the output terminals for all functions. The protections apply to external voltages up to 300 Vpk and help protect the calibrator’s internal circuitry. For the fieldwork, the Fluke 5560A provides a portability kit that protects the calibrator and makes it easier to transport. The kit includes front/rear bumpers and an easy-grip side handle.