Fluke 702 Documenting Process Calibrator VDC/AC, mA, Ohms, TC & RTD

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Fluke 702 Documenting Process Calibrator
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Fluke 702 Documenting Process Calibrator Fluke 702 Documenting Process Calibrator
Fluke Calibration 702
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The Fluke 702 Process Calibrator is an easy-to-use field calibrators designed specifically for use on control instrumentation in process plants. Rugged packaging allows the calibrator to perform dependably despite rough handling and hostile plant environments, while automatic documentation capabilities save time and ensure accurate results. Because the 702 is a multipurpose tool, you can use them for troubleshooting and maintenance as well as calibration.
Fluke Calibration 702 Features
  • Calibrate temperature, pressure, voltage, current, resistance, and frequency
  • Simultaneously measure and source
  • Automatically capture calibration results
  • Document procedures and results to meet ISO 9000, EPA, FDA, OSHA and other requirements
  • Measure/simulate eleven types of thermocouples and eight RTDs
  • Store up to 8,000 readings in data logging mode
  • PC interface
  • Weight: 3 lb 1 oz
  • Internal Battery Pack: NiCd, 7.2V, 1700 mAh
  • Battery Life: Typically over eight hours
Fluke Calibration 702 Specs
Measure Range (full scale) 110.000 mVdc - 300.00Vdc; Vac, 20 Hz to 5 kHz; 30.00 mA dc - 110.00 mA dc; 11.000Ω - 11.000 kΩ; 1.00 Hz to 50.00 kHz
Source Range (full scale) 110.000 mV; 1.10000V; 11.00000V; Source 22.000 mA; Simulate 22.000 mA; 11.000Ω - 11.000 kΩ; 2.00 Hz to 50 kHz
Temperature, RTDs
and Thermocouples
10Ω Cu(427); 100Ω Pt(3916); 100Ω Pt(3926); 100Ω (385); 200Ω Pt(385); 500Ω Pt(385); 1000Ω Pt(385); 120Ω Ni(672); E, N, J, L, K, T, U, B, R, S, C
Data Log measure V, mA, ohms, frequency, temperature, pressure 1 to 60 readings/min, 8000 readings max
Ramp source V, mA, ohms, frequency, temperature 4 steps/sec
Loop Power selectable, 24V or 28V; 22 mA max
Fluke 702 Pressure Modules:
An optional set of external pressure modules provides pressure calibration and measurement capabilities.  Ranges start at 0-10" water (0-2.5 kPa) and go to 0-10,000 psi (0-70,000 kPa).