Fluke 415B High Voltage Power Supply

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Fluke 415B High Voltage Power Supply
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Fluke 415B
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Manual Specifications
The Model 415B High Voltage Power Supply is a stable well regulated source of dc voltage. The Model 415B is capable of providing 0 to 3100 volts dc and 0 to 30 milliamperes current. The output voltage is adjustable in steps of 500, 100, 10 and 1 volt by front panel step switch controls. A vernier control provides a means of fine adjustment within the one volt steps. Output power is available from both a front and rear panel high voltage connector, type UG931/ U. Output voltage polarity may be switched by a front panel control to provide either a positive or negative output with respect to chassis ground of the instrument.
Fluke 415B Specs
OUTPUT VOLTAGE: Adjustable from 0 to ±3100 volts dc.
OUTPUT CURRENT: 0 to 30 milliamperes.
OUTPUT POLARITY: Positive or negative with respect to ground (the polarity is controlled by a front panel switch).
LOAD REGULATION: 0. 0005% or 5 millivolts (whichever is greater) from a no load to a full load change in output current.
LINE REGULATION: 0. 0005% or 2 millivolts (whichever is greater) for a 10% line change from nominal.
STABILITY: ±0. 0020% per hour; ±0. 01% per day after warmup period and constant line voltage, constant load and constant temperature.
RIPPLE: Less than 100 microvolts RMS; less than 1 millivolt peak-to-peak.
RESOLUTION: 5 millivolts.
CALIBRATION ACCURACY: ±0. 25% or 100 millivolts (whichever is greater) with vernier at zero.
RESETABILITY: ±0. 05% or 50 millivolts.
RECOVERY TIME: Within 50 microseconds.
OVERCURRENT PROTECTION: Adjusted to disconnect output at 32 milliamperes load current. Manual reset.
WARMUP TIME: 60 minutes to meet specifications.
INPUT POWER: 115/230 volts ac ±10%, 50 to 60 Hz, approximately 300 volt-amperes at full load output.