Keysight 8481D Diode Power Sensor 10 MHz to 18 GHz

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The Keysight 8481D is a 10 MHz - 18 GHz, diode power sensor, part of the Agilent 8480 series of coaxial power sensors. The 8481D power sensors are used for measuring the average power supplied by an RF or microwave source or device-under-test (DUT). In use, the Keysight 8481D Power Sensor is connected to the RF or microwave source and to a compatible power meter. Keysight 8481D diode RF sensors are suitable and compatible with the EPM series power meters (E4418B and E4419B), the EPM-P series power meters (E4416A and E4417A) and the E1416A VXI power meter. The amplification is provided by an input amplifier that consists of a balanced chopper (samplying gate) and an AC coupled low-noise amplifier. The Keysight 8481D Diode Power Sensor was previously manufactured as the Agilent 8481D Diode Power Sensor which replaced the HP 8481D Diode Power Sensor.