Keysight U2002A-H26 USB Power Sensor

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The Keysight U2002A-H26 USB Power Sensor is a standalone sensor. That means it essentially operates like a power meter, just in a smaller form. No reference calibrator is required. The fact that the Keysight U2002A-H26 sensor draws minimal power from a USB port—and that it doesn’t need additional triggering modules or power adaptors to operate—makes it more portable, especially for base station testing. Setting up is easy: just plug the Keysight U2002A-H26 to the USB port of your PC or laptop—or even select network or handheld spectrum analyzer—and start your power measurements.

The U2002A-H26 has both internal and external zeroing capabilities. With internal zeroing, high-isolation switches in the sensor are opened to isolate the sensor from the device-under-test (DUT) it is connected to. As such, you don’t need to power-off the DUT or disconnect the sensors — This speeds up testing and reduces sensor wear-and-tear.