King Nutronics 3605 Thermo Unit

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King Nutronics 3605 Thermo Unit
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King Nutronics 3605
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3605 Datasheet
The Thermo Unit is a completely self-contained portable temperature test system designed for on-site testing and calibration of temperature sensitive devices such as thermocouples, thermal switches, thermistors, temperature control systems, and temperature indicators within a range of -40°F to +250°F.
King Nutronics 3605 Specs
Equipment Type Portable dry-well temperature calibrator
Range -40°F to +250°F (-40°C to +121°C)
Well Size 1 in. diameter by 6 in. deep
Accuracy Well temperature within +0.5°F(+0.28°C) of indicated temperature
Set-Point Stability +0.3°F (+0.2°C)
Stabilization Time (max) 30 mins. for 60°F change in set point from ambient
Well Uniformity +0.5°F (+0.25°C) excluding top 1 in. of well
Cooling Capacity 100°F (55°C) bellow ambient temperature
Control and Readout
Type LED digital display in degrees and tenths
Scale Switchable between °F and °C
Sensor Resistance thermometer
Electronics Solid-state throughout
Adapter Chucks
Type Insert type
Material Flash hard anodized aluminum
Standard 1/4, 3/8, 7/16, 9/16 in. bore diameter
Thermo-Electronics 10 amperes
Control Circuits 1 ampere