Labworks PA-138 20kHz, 500W Linear Power Amplifier

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Rent Labworks PA-138 20kHz, 500W Linear Power Amplifier,
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Labworks PA-138
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PA-138 Datasheet
The Labworks PA-138 20kHz, 500W Linear Power Amplifier is a high quality, air-cooled, direct-coupled audio amplifier primarily intended for use with small vibration systems. Although this amplifier has been designed to directly drive low impedance loads, it can be used in any application requiring continuous duty high quality audio power.

The PA-138 Amplifier features protection from both over current and over temperature insuring long term reliability. The amplifier has full interlock capabilities as well as peak voltage d RMS current bar graphs to monitor output.

Two operational modes are incorporated in the design. These amplifiers can be used as either a wide-band, highly damped voltage source, or as a high impedance current source. DC and AC coupled signal inputs are provided. PA-138 Amplifiers are designed for standard 19 in. rack mounted installation and require 100, 120, 220 or 240V, 48 to 60 Hz power.
Labworks PA-138 Features
  • Linear output stage provides low noise and distortion.
  • Automatic over temperature and over current protection.
  • Direct coupled input and output allows DC operation.
  • Two operational modes, voltage or current source.
  • External interlock circuitry.