Labworks VibeLab 144 Vibration Controller

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The Labworks VibeLab 144 Vibration Controller operates at a random frequency range of 6 to 2000 Hz and a sine / shock frequency of 2 to 10,000 Hz, equipping technicians with top-of-the-line industrial CPU-based vibration testing technology. Labworks VibeLab 144 vibration measurement devices provide a shock pulse duration of 1 to 750 ms. This vibration controller is designed to create and run vibration tests defined by the user, the electrical output of the controller device acting as a real-time signal ideal for driving a majority of commercially available wide-band vibration testers. Acceleration feedback is collected and analyzed from one or two accelerometers, which are mounted on the test article, shaker and/or fixture. The Labworks VibeLab 144 offers a simple and accessible user interface, featuring cross-checked and software-interlocked critical settings to ensure only the appropriate tests are generated.