Vibration Research VR4600 Shaker Test System

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The Vibration Research VR4600 Shaker Test System provides a sine force of 606 F-lb and a frequency range of 2 Hz to 4500 Hz. The VR4600's large diameter armature adapts to meet many test requirements with a minimal amount of fixturing. High lateral and axial stiffness allows the Vibration Research VR4600 to decrease problems associated with off-center loads. 

The VR4600 Shaker Test System's unsupported horizontal operation is possible on many loads. The cooling blower is direct coupled to the shaker to give maximum performance. The Vibration Research VR4600 Shaker has an optional slip table available for horizontal testing and optional load support that allows testing loads with a high center of gravity.  The unit has 95g pk sine, 73g pk random, and 160g pk shock at maximum acceleration. The VR4600 Shaker’s suspension stiffness is designed to be adjustable, and the electronic load compensation allows for heavier loads.