MB Dynamics PM50A Shaker

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MB Dynamics PM50A Shaker
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MB Dynamics PM50A Shaker MB Dynamics PM50A Shaker
MB Dynamics PM50A
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PM50A Datasheet
The MB Dynamics PM50A Shaker uses permanent magnet technology and the voice coil principle to create vibration. This general-purpose shaker is heavy duty, industrial-quality piece of equipment with a proven track record of lasting ten, fifteen, even over twenty years in demanding applications. The PM50A Shaker has ½" stroke and a 2.7" diameter mounting table.
MB Dynamics PM50A Specs
Mounting Surface Bolt Holes Six 10-32 threaded holes at 60° on 2.25" bolt circle (+ center)
Moving Element Diameter 2.70"
Base Footprint 10" x 7.5"
Body Diameter 7"
Height (to table top) 9½"
Moving Element Axial Resonance 8000 Hz
Weight, Moving Element 8000 Hz
Weight, Moving Element 0.62 pounds
Weight, Exciter 55 pounds
Weight, Base 11 pounds
Base Type 2-position Rigid
Cooling Connections 0.5" NPT
Trunnion Base optional