Vibration Test Systems VTS-600 Single Vibrator System

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Rent Vibration Test Systems VG-690-3 Single Vibrator System
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Vibration Test Systems VTS-600
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Accessory Kit
The Vibration Test Systems VTS-600 Single Vibrator System is a vibration test system with the capacity to provide 600 lbf of rated force. Vibration Test Systems VTS-600 models operate at a useful frequency range of 2-5000Hz, reaching their first major resonance at 3500Hz. These units operate quickly and efficiently with a sleek, accessible interface and a rated velocity of 70/in/sec. The Vibration Test Systems VTS-600's 600 lbf peak sine force features field coils and is supplied with energy via a DC power source, and also is designed with double-ended field structures that make for high efficiency, not to mention rugged beryllium copper suspension which enhances the armature of the vibrator. An amplifier cooling fan is built in to prevent overheating and a suspension stiffness of 120 lbs is achieved, supporting the 4.21 lbs of armature dynamic weight. This system includes a low-distortion linear amplifier, vibrator with trunnion base, blower, instrument cabinet and cables and hoses if required.
Vibration Test Systems VTS-600 Specs
Rated Force, peak sine wave: 600 lbf
Amplifier Cooling Fan: Built In
Dynamic Stroke, peak to peak: 1.0"
Stroke Limit, between stops: 1.5"
Rated Velocity: 70 in/sec
Maximum Acceleration, bare table: 140g
Armature Dynamic Weight: 4.2lbs.
Suspension Stiffness: 120lbs./in
First Major Resonance: 3500Hz
Useful Frequency Range: 2-5000Hz
System Power Required
100-240V single phase 50/60Hz:
Vibration Test Systems VTS-600 Accessories
  • VIBR-VG-690-3-NR 
    • Vibration Test System for VTS-600 System
  • DAYT-2Z212 
    • 2-1/2 in x 8 ft Connector Hose for Cooling Blower (With 2 piece connector set & Instructions)
  • DAYT-7D756-NR 
    • 10 9/1 in Cooling Blower for VTR Series Shaker Systems (Has its own power Cord)
  • DAYT-5S1575 
    • Operating Instructions & Parts 1 Manual for Dayton Cooling Blower
  • VIBR-200026 
    • AirlInlet Filter Cloth (installed)
  • VIBR-PS-1-NR
    • Power Supply for VTS-600 Shaker System
  • VIBR-VTS-600-MAN01 
    • Product Manual and Schematics for VTR-600 Series Shaker Systems
    • Outer Circumfrance Rubber Strip 
    • 6 in x 2 1/4 in adapter for VTR Series Vibration Generator
  • VIBR-PS-1-SCHM01 
    • Schematic Diagram for VIBR-PS-1 NR Power Supply
  • DAYT-7D756-SCHM01 
    • Device Schematic/Diagram for Dayton Cooling Blower