Labworks SC-121 Sine Servo Controller

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Labworks SC-121
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SC-121 Datasheet
The Labworks SC-121 Sine Servo Controller provides an economical solution to modern sinusoidal vibration testing with a remarkably convenient operator interface and dual microprocessor design. Crystal controlled digital signal synthesis and filtering insures performance found only in the best controllers available.

Selectable one or two channel acceleration feedback enables control of large head shakers, slip plates or large fixtures by averaging signals from two strategically placed accelerometers. The difference output makes transfer function determination and calibration tests as easy as running a simple sine test.

Flexible programming allows internal storage of up to three independent 1, 2, 3, or 4 level test profiles. Stored test profiles are easy to modify or replace. Digitally generated analog outputs facilitate plotting or recording test profiles.
Labworks SC-121 Features
  • Dual microprocessor design.
  • Digital signal synthesis and filtering.
  • Two-channel acceleration input and control.
  • Flexible programming with non-volatile memory.
  • Four independent meters display all control parameters.
  • Analog data outputs interface easily to computer analog inputs and x-y recorders
Labworks SC-121 Standards
MIL-HDBK-5400 Paragraph