Photron FASTCAM Mini AX50 High-Speed Camera

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The Photron FASTCAM Mini AX50 is an advanced high-speed camera that delivers 1-megapixel image resolution (1024 x 1024 pixels) at frame rates up to 2,000 fps. Additionally, the Mini AX50 high-speed camera offers a minimum exposure duration of 1 µs as a standard with recording memory options of up to 32GB providing triggering flexibility and extended recording times. 

With a weight of just 1.5kg and high frame rates, high image quality and exceptional light sensitivity contained within a 120 mm x 120 mm x 94 mm rugged camera body, the FASTCAM Mini AX50 is perfect for use in a dynamic range of high intensity scientific and industrial applications such as onboard/offboard automotive safety testing, biomechanics, and aerospace research. The Mini AX50 is capable of maximum frame rates up to 170,000 fps.

The Photron FASTCAM Mini AX50 High-Speed Camera is the first model in the FASTCAM Mini AX Series.