Photron FASTCAM Nova S16 High Speed Camera

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The Photron FASTCAM Nova S16 is an ideal high-speed camera to capture clear images with an incredibly fast frame rate. The FASTCAM Nova S16 offers a maximum frame rate of 1,100,000, and at speeds up to 16,000 fps, the imaging device can capture images at a crisp 1024 x 1024 pixels. Photron's high-speed camera achieves this mark with incredibly quick shutter speeds of 0.2µs. At those speeds the camera takes advantage of an advanced CMOS image sensor, improving the light sensitivity to capture a high-quality image.

Weighing just over 7 lb, the Photron FASTCAM Nova S16 utilizes a compact design, although it's still built for image capturing in any environment. The high-speed camera uses a "sealed body" design to keep any dust or other damaging particles from affecting performance.

The Photron FASTCAM Nova S16 High Speed Camera is a part of the Photron FASTCAM S-Series.