Vision Research Phantom VEO High-Speed Camera Series

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The Vision Research Phantom VEO High-Speed Camera series adds to Vision Research's reputation as a leader in the manufacturing of digital, high-speed imaging. All high-speed cameras in the Phantom VEO family have high-performance 12-bit, 35 mm CMOS sensors (color or mono). The Phantom VEO 710 and 410 can record at speeds of 7,000 frames-per-second (fps) and 4,000 fps at their maximum resolutions. The Phantom VEO series high-speed cameras are crafted to work effectively in nearly any application, ranging from defense research and testing, scientific analysis, and film production. Each camera in the Phantom VEO high-speed camera series is built rugged and made to withstand 100G with isolated electronics. All models within the Phantom VEO series include an HDMI output, Exposure Index controls, and Programmable I/O architecture.