Sorensen 5KW DC Power Supply SGA200/25E-1DAA

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Rent Sorensen 5KW DC Power Supply SGA200/25E-1DAA
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Sorensen SGA200/25E
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SGA200/25E Datasheet Supplemental Document
As part of the Sorensen SG Series, the SGA200/25E DC Power Supply, is available for customers requiring simple front panel analog controls or external control. With the same high performance power electronics as the SGI, the SGA provides essential features like 10 turn potentiometers for setting voltage and current, 3½ digit LED readout plus front panel over-voltage protection (OVP) preview/adjustment and reset.
Sorensen SGA200/25E Features
  • Input Voltage: 396/528 VAC, 3 Phase
  • Output Voltage: 0-200V (volts)
  • Output Current: 0-25A (amps)
  • High Power Density
  • Wide Voltage Range
  • Fast Load Transient Response: Protection from undesired voltage excursions
  • Low Ripple and Noise
  • Hardware Trigger (Ethernet Option)
  • Parallelable up to 150 kW
  • Sequencing: Free system controller & speed up test
  • Low audible noise: Temperature controlled variable speed fans
Sorensen SGA200/25E Specs
Remote Sense Load-line loss compensation for models <= 100 V is 10% above full scale voltage total (5% per load-line), and models > 100 V is 4% above full scale voltage total (2% per load-line).
Parallel Operation Up to 5 units may be paralleled for additional current within the power supply single-unit specifications, with exception of the DC output current set accuracy. Additional paralleled SG units will add 0.3% inaccuracy per unit. To parallel more than 5 units, contact factory.
Series Operation Up to 2 units (see Output Float Voltage)
Nominal Voltage
3 phase, 3 wire + ground
208/220 VAC (operating range 187 - 242 VAC)
380/400 VAC (operating range 342 - 440 VAC)
440/480 VAC (operating range 396 - 528 VAC)
Frequency 47 – 63Hz
Power Factor >0.9 typical at 208/220 VAC input
>0.78 typical at 380/400 VAC input
>0.69 typical at 440/480 VAC input
Protection ½ cycle ride-though on all three phases, 3 cycle ride through on single phase; missing phase shutdown
Operating Temperature 0 to 50° C
Storage Temperature -25° C to 65° C
Humidity Range Relative humidity up to 95% non-condensing, 0° C – 50° C
Altitude Operating full power available up to 5,000 ft. (~1,500 m), derate 10% of full power for every 1,000 feet higher; non-operating to 40,000 ft. (~12,000 m)
Cooling Front and side air inlet, rear exhaust. Temperature controlled, variable speed fans. Units may be stacked without spacing.
Regulatory Certified to UL/CSA 61010 and IEC/EN 61010-1, CE Compliant, Semi-F47 Compliant
Front Panel Dust Filter 30 PPI (Pores Per Inch) - must ensure adequate airflow and / or derate max. temperature. 3U unit only.
Dimensions Width: 19.00" (48.3 cm), Depth 25.0" (63.5 cm)
Height: 5-15 kW units: 3U – 5.25" rack mount (13.34 cm)
20-30 kW units: 6U – 10.5" rack mount (26.67 cm)
Weight 3U < 80 lbs. (36 kg) 6U <160 lbs. (73 kg)