Tektronix AM503B Current Probe System

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The Tektronix AM503B Current Probe Amplifier is the heart of the AM503S System. The Tektronix AM503B amplifies and sums the voltage outputs from the transformer and Hall Effect device and outputs it to the measurement instrument. It also provides the Hall Effect Device bias voltage and a reverse "bucking" current which resists saturation of the A6302/A6303 Current Probe core.

This oscilloscope probe is an accessory and is only available to rent with an oscilloscope.

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All functions are microprocessor controlled, providing a significant improvement in ease of use and functionality. The Tektronix AM503B uses bright, easy-to-read LEDs to display current/Division settings which are controlled with up/down push buttons. A single push button provides both Degauss and auto-balance functions. An additional significant improvement with the Tektronix AM503B is that individual A6302/A6303 probes no longer need to be calibrated with a specific amplifier but can be interchanged between AM503Bs and AM5030s. The AM503B and the AM5030 both support the new XL Series of current probes.