Tektronix / Microwave Logic ST103 SDH / SONET Analyzer

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Tektronix / Microwave Logic ST103 SDH / SONET Analyzer
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Tektronix Test Equipment ST103A
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SDH/SONET Analyzer, STS-1/3, OC-1/3, DS1/VT1.5/DS3 (optional OC12)
Tektronix Test Equipment ST103A Features
  • VT Channel Scan
  • Multiple SONET Alarm Generation
  • J1 Trace Byte Programming
  • Quick Setups
  • User-defined Configurations
  • Non-SONET Testing
  • Payload Mappings
  • Multiple Outputs
  • DCC and Orderwire Access
  • Payload Frame Formats
  • Switch Time and Payload Delays
  • SONET Loop Timing
  • LabVIEW for Windows Compatibility
  • Receiver Frame Capture
  • RS-232, GPIB, and Parallel Printer Interfaces
  • Both Bit-and Byte-synchronous VT 1.5 Payload mappings with SLC-96 and ESF Frame Formats
  • SONET Data Communications Channel Access
  • Multiple Simultaneous SONET Alarms
  • 87/3 and Burst-of-7 Pointer Stress Sequences
  • SONET Line Loop Timing on an OC-n Signal
  • APS Switching Time and SPE Transport Delay Measurements
  • VT 1.5 Payload Analysis, 7X4 and 1X28 Mapping
  • DSI through OC3 standard (optional OC12)
Tektronix Test Equipment ST103A Applications
  • Network Pointer and Payload Stress Tests
  • Conformance and Compliance Testing
  • Pass/Fail Testing
  • Tributary Mapping and Demapping