EMC Partner IMU-MGE Conducted Immunity Test System

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The EMC Partner IMU-MGE Conducted Immunity Test System is a powerful and versatile device that can create 3 different waveforms: EFT/Burst, surge, and ringwave. This IMU-MGE test system comes fitted with 4 modules that allow users to perform tests on a wide variety of electrical equipment to meet many standards. Also a 3 phase coupling decoupling network, the device provides a maximum EUT voltage of 300V and a current of 32A.

Thanks to its 4 different modules, this EMC Partner IMU-MGE Conducted Immunity Test System can meet plenty of coupling and decoupling needs. The EXT-IMU3000 F7 allows users to perform tests with EFT/Burst waveform, meeting the IEC 61000-4-4 standards and a maximum voltage of 7.1 kV. Surge tests are also possible with the EXT-IMU3000 S8 module that has an output impedance of 2 Ω. The IMU-MGE coupling decoupling network also performs ringwave testing through the EXT-IMU3000 module which meets standard IEC 61000-4-12. EMC Partner's conducted immunity test system also uses the EXT-IMU D module for AC/DC dips and standard IEC 61000-4-11.