Xantrex XFR100-12 1200W DC Power Supply

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The Xantrex XFR 100-12 1200W DC Power Supply provides low-noise, precisely regulated, variable DC output at 1200 Watts of output power. Over voltage protection (OVP) and thermal shutdown are standard. Front panel controls and indicators are extensive. Select from several remote control choices: standard analog programming, optional isolated programming or readback, and optional GPIB programming or RS-232 control. Remote monitoring of output voltage and currents is a standard feature. Use this power supply either on your bench or in a standard 19 in. (483 mm) rack: the power supply occupies only 1.75 in. (1 U) of vertical rack space. Designed for conintuous use in standalone or systems applications, this power supply is typically used to power DC equipment, control magnets, or burn in components.