Yokogawa 2505 Digital AC Meter

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This product has been discontinued.

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The Yokogawa 2505 Digital AC Meter is used in 3-phase 4-wire circuit for measuring true rms value of voltage and current, and power all at ±0.25% accuracy. Merely by depressing front-panel push-button, the 2505 provides direct digital reading of voltages (4 ranges from 100 to 600 V), current (4 ranges from 2 to 20 A) or power (from 200 W to 12 kW) in each phase, or total power (from 600 W to 36kW) by means of three-wattmeter method. Incorporating the patented "feedback time division multiplier" of excellent stability and noise performance in each phase, this instrument solves the perplexing problems of accurate measurement for 3-phase 4-wire circuit, sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal (distorted) waves, and of measurement at low power factor.

This instrument is also usable for accurate measurements of 3-phase 3-wire and single-phase circuits, as well as for unbalanced 3-phase 4-wire circuit.

The 2505 is adaptable for analog recording instrument and data processing system since it provides ten analog outputs (voltage, current and power per phase, and total power), BCD output and remote control.