AEM TestPro CV100-K61 Copper and Fiber Certification Kit

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The AEM TestPro CV100-K61 Copper and Fiber Certification Kit is a multifunction cable tester that's made for a vast range of networks and materials. The TestPro CV100-K61 offers a more sophisticated RF measurement engine than any other handheld device. The cable tester has a frequency range that reaches 3 GHz and surpasses level 2G accuracy specifications for all copper certification testing.

Fiber optic certification testing is also possible with the AEM TestPro CV100-K61. The tester has Tier-1 certification that's based off industry standards, plus a fiber optic inspection feature to ensure fiber end faces are clean and ready for installation. An autotest feature also allows users to ensure a preferred network rate from cabling links and PoE testing to meet every standard.

Beyond a multifunction cable tester, the AEM TestPro CV100-K61 comes with a variety of adapters to meet all testing needs. The copper and fiber certification kit includes the following test adapters to go along with standard components:
  • Set of AD-CAT6A-CH Channel Adapters
  • Set of AD-CAT6A-PL Permanent Link Adapters
  • Set of AD-NET-CABLE Adapters for PoE and Multi-Gigabit
  • Set of AD-SM-01 SingleMode Fiber Optic Adapters
  • Set of AD-MM-01 MultiMode Fiber Optic Adapters