ODM TTK 650 Test, Inspection and Cleaning Kit

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Rent ODM TTK 650 Test, Inspection and Cleaning Kit
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Optical Design Manufacturing TTK 650
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TTK 650 Datasheet
The ODM TTK 650 Test, Inspection and Cleaning Kit delivers powerful and portable fiber testing options at an affordable price. High-end hardware and software allows technicians to ensure industry-standard compliance with PASS/FAIL functionality for single mode fiber optic telecommunications systems. ODM's TTK 650 provides test technicians and contractors with high-end hardware and software to guarantee industry standard compliance in single mode fiber optic-based telecommunications. The TTK 650 contains all equipment necessary to inspect, clean, and test fiber optic cables, while ODM's proprietary software allows for professional closeout reporting.
Optical Design Manufacturing TTK 650 Features
Fiber Connector Inspection
  • VIS 400 inspection scope connects to included 8” Dell tablet via USB
  • Automated PASS/FAIL compliance with IEC 61300-3-35 standard
  • Optional PA 250 wireless access device transmits test data to devices within 200 feet
Connector Cleaning
  • Complete wet/dry cleaning system ensures compliance with industry standards for endface cleanliness
  • Materials included for 1,000 cleanings


dB Loss Testing
  • Optical Power Meter with archiving ability and streaming data via USB
  • Laser light source provides standard wavelengths for testing single mode systems
  • “Loopback” test jumpers and fiber module allow for loss testing in paired fiber systems, such as AT&T LTE, Sprint, and T-Mobile wireless builds.