AEMC 8335 PowerPad 3-Phase Power Quality Analyzer

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The AEMC 8335 PowerPad Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer provides users with real-time visualizations of waveforms, transients, inrush, harmonic bar graphs, electrical events, power & energy statistics, and more. AEMC 8335 Power Quality Analyzers are designed for test engineers and technicians performing power quality analysis and diagnostic work on one, two, or three-phase low-voltage networks. The AEMC 8225 can measure TRMS voltages up to 1000Vrms AC/DC for 2-5 wire systems and TRMS currents up to 6500Arms. The AEMC 8225 conducts true RMS and DC single, split, and three-phase measurements while monitoring the average value of any parameter, calculated over a period running from 1 sec to 2 hours. 

The AEMC’s DataView software is included for data analytics and report generation. Simple to operate, compact, and shock-resistant, the AEMC 8335 is ideal for quick and efficient power quality analysis. AEMC 8335 PowerPad models can download up to 2GBs of data for their reports, generating a representation of each individual second for an entire month.