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The Dranetz PX5-400 Power Analyzer is a portable, hand-held, eight-channel power quality meter/monitor. This cutting-edge power quality instrument is designed with a 1/4 VGA liquid crystal display (LCD), adapting the newest touchscreen technology. The PX5-400 model performs measurements for 400 Hz power frequency systems; and the device is capable of monitoring, recording, and displaying data on four voltage and current channels simultaneously. The Dranetz PX5-400 Power Analyzer is designed to meet IEEE 1159 and IEC 61000-4-30 Class A standards for accuracy and measurement requirements. 

The PX5-400 can perform PQ-optimized acquisition of power quality-related disturbances and events while adopting a statistical package called Quality of Supply (QoS). With monitoring and setup protocols set to determine voltage measurement compliance required for EN50160 monitoring the PX5-400 unit is ideal for in-depth power quality analysis and power logging.