Fluke 1735 Three-Phase Power Logger

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The Fluke 1735 three-phase power logger is a power analysis tool that performs energy studies and power quality logging. Fluke 1735 rental units can be set up in seconds to record power demand over user-defined periods. The three-phase power logger automatically detects, scales and powers its four current probes, which can be set to 15A, 150A or 3000A. Once test setup is complete, users can simply press record and begin logging up to 45 days of data.

Electricians and technicians rent the Fluke 1735 for a variety of applications, including load studies, energy assessment, harmonics analysis and voltage event capture. For load studies, a Fluke 1735 power analyzer can verify electrical system capacity in preparation for adding new loads to the system. In energy studies, the 1735 quantifies consumption before and after improvements, demonstrating the benefit of energy saving devices and energy efficiency improvements. The 1735 power logger also gives insight into harmonics issues caused by electronic loads, which can damage or disrupt equipment, and performs voltage event captures, monitoring for dips and swells from load switching that can trigger spurious resets or circuit-breaker tripping.

Once your study is complete, the Fluke Power Log Software will display parameters voltage, current, frequency, real power (kW), apparent power (kVA), reactive power (kVAR), power factor, and energy (kWh) on interactive trends. The Report Writer function will generate the user a professional report, which the user can customize by copying and pasting images into its pages.