Fluke 1735 Three-Phase Power Logger

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The Fluke 1735 three-phase power logger conducts energy studies and basic quality logging functions, providing a 10.24 kHz sample rate and a 50 Hz or 60 Hz line frequency. This power logger measures most electrical power parameters, harmonics, and captures voltage events. With the capabilities of performing a variety of power logging requirements, the Fluke 1735 detect key three-phase parameters like rms voltage, rms current and phase angle, which can be essential in spotting elusive power anomalies.

Set-up of the Fluke 1735 can be done in seconds with the included flexible current probes and color display. The four current probes are connected by a single plug, and the instrument automatically detects, scales and powers the probes. Set your current probes to 15 A, 150 A, or 3000 A for high accuracy in nearly any application.

The 1735 power logger is Fluke's most versatile multi-purpose power quality and energy analyzer on the market and is the ideal power meter for conducting energy studies, harmonics measurements and basic power logging.  The Fluke 1735 is available for rent today!