Fluke 1736 Three-Phase Power Logger

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The Fluke 1736 Three Phase Power Logger performs energy studies and basic power quality logging, capturing voltage, current, power harmonics and power quality values. A Fluke 1736 rental is ideal for load studies, energy assessments, monitoring for voltage and current events, and logging common three-phase power characteristics.

What does the Fluke 1736 Do?

With a Fluke 1736 rental unit, users can measure all three phases with 4 flexible current probes. The unit can store over 20 distinct logging sessions and log more than 500 power quality parameters. The Fluke 1736 rental is compliant with IEC 61000-4-7: Class 1, IEEE 519 (short time harmonics), IEC 61000-4-30 Class S, IEC62586-1 (PQI-S device), IEEE 1459, EN50160 (for measured parameters). Data downloading with the Fluke 1736 rental is straightforward and easy to complete.

Why should Test Personnel use this model?

An optimized user interface guides operators through testing and offers a verification function to ensure your connections are secure. To power the unit, simply connect it to the circuit and test. This user-friendly model has improved visibility, accuracy, and power quality, making it a qualified option for technicians. This power logger rental allows for quick decision making and informed problem-solving methods.

How to use the Fluke 1736 power logger rental:

  1. Set up desired test using the power logger’s interface
  2. Run that chosen test with the Fluke 1736
  3. Collect data from test and export the results to the USB flash drive
  4. View the information locally on the device or remotely using the model app or desktop software
  5. Analyze the data and diagnosis any problems that need to be addressed
  6. Make corrective actions that are based on the test results
  7. Repeat desired tests as needed