Baker D12R, 12kV Digital Winding Tester

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Rent Baker D12R, 12kV  Digital Winding Tester
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Baker Instruments D12R
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D12R Datasheet
The Baker D12R is part of the D-Series digital winding testers. With the D12R/D6R/D3R Digital Winding Tester from Baker Instrument Company, an SKF Group Company, you can perform Resistance, HiPot and Surge tests, as well as digitize and store data for future use.

The Resistance Test verifies the existence of dead shorts within the turn-to-turn coils, shows any imbalances between phases due to turn count differences, along with locating poor wire connections or contacts.

DC HiPot testing detects faults in groundwall/earth insulation, and also provides a complete Polarization Index test. The groundwall/earth insulation system consists of the wires insulation, slot liner insulation, wedges, varnish, and sometimes phase paper.

Surge testing detects faults in both inter-turn winding and phase-to-phase insulation systems. Using advanced analog-to-digital conversion hardware, the “D” series captures the surge test waveform, remembers it, displays it indefinitely, and prints it to the included ink jet printer. This surge waveform storage capability can be applied to other motors besides simple induction motors. The D Series can be used to test all the rotating fields of a synchronous motor by storing the waveform from a surge test on one coil, and comparing that waveform to a waveform from every other coil. The Digital Winding Tester can also be used on DC armatures and fields. The resulting waveform can then be compared to all other bar-to-bar or span tests to detect a winding fault.
Baker Instruments D12R Features
  • Storage of test data for up to 10 motors
    • 3 Surge Wave Pattern with Amplitude and Time base
    • Surge Test Peak Voltage Amplitude
    • DC HiPot Voltage, Leakage Current
    • Insulation Resistance
  • Zero Start Interlock for Tester High Voltage Output
  • HiPot Over-Current safety warning indicator
  • Input Source Open Ground operator safety disable and warning indicator
  • Test Lead insulated to 45 kV rating
  • Dedicated Test Leads for Resistance Testing
  • Test Lead Select Switch with All Leads Grounded operator safety position
Baker Instruments D12R Specs
Surge Test
Max Output Voltage 12000V
Max Output Current 400A
Max Pulse Energy (joules) 2.88
Discharge Capacitance .04 μf (all)
DC HiPot Potential Test
Max Output Voltage 12000V
Maximum Output Current 1000μA
Maximum Overcurrent Trip 1/10/100/1000 mA (all)
Typical Overcurrent Trip .85/8.5/85/850 mA (all)
Current Resolution 0.1/1/10/100 mA per div. (all)
Resistance Test .0008 ohms - 216 ohms