Baker D30R High Voltage Surge/High Potential/Resistance Tester

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Rent Baker D30R Surge/High Potential/Resistance Tester
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Baker Instruments D30R
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D30R Datasheet
The D30R is a stand alone unit specifically designed to diagnose faults in very large electrical motors and windings, improving quality in the shop and reducing unnecessary and costly downtime in the field. The 30KV output allows you to thoroughly test larger windings with lower impedance and higher capacitance. The D30R satisfies the requirements of testing the windings of both AC motors and DC armatures by producing a Surge with higher voltage and instantaneous current.

The D30R offers you all of the convenient features of digital technology. It performs Resistance, DC High Potential and Surge tests along with incorporating a supply monitor to insure safe operation from a well grounded source. The control and display module provides the user with comprehensive testing results
Baker Instruments D30R Specs
Maximum Output Voltage 30,000 Volts
Maximum Output Current 1,800-2,000 amps peak
Maximum Pulse Energy 45 joules
Discharge Capacitance .1 micro-farad
Maximum Output Voltage 30,000 Volts
Maximum Output Current 1000 microamps
Overcurrent Trip 10/100/1000 microamps
Current Resolution 1/10/100 microamps
RESISTANCE TEST .0008 ohms - 216 ohms