Baker ST112E Surge/Hipot Tester

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Baker ST112E Surge/Hipot Tester
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Baker Instruments ST112E
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The latest model of the Baker ST112E is the Baker/SKF AWA-IV
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The Baker Model ST112E Surge and Hipot Tester is a combination surge comparison tester and dc high-potential tester. The surge comparison tester uses the principle of impedance balance to simultaneously test turn to turn, coil to coil, phase to phase, and coil to ground insulation. In addition, qualitative evaluations are made of a winding's likelihood of satisfactorily passing resistance, impedance, turn balance, and high-potential (hi-pot) tests.


Baker ST112E Features:

  • Both surge tester and DC Hipot in one instrument
  • High power to test DC field coils and form wound coils plus D.C. armatures
  • Expandable to 24KV
  • Versatile for testing all types of motors and generators
  • Easy to carry, fold out carrying handle
  • Auto over current trip on DC Hipot
  • Rugged construction for field or shop use
  • Simple controls ease of operation.