Baker ST124PP, 24kV Surge/Hipot Tester

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Rent Baker ST124PP, 24kV Surge/Hipot Tester
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Baker Instruments ST124PP
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ST124PP Datasheet
The ST124PP takes advantage of state of the art design capabilities to provide a powerful but simple to operate instrument . It is are lighter in weight than earlier models and include improvements such as an automatic ranging DC Hipot overcurrent trip. It displays both DC Hipot output voltage and leakage current on the scope. It may be used to test AC stators, DC armatures and field coils, synchronous motors and generators as well as a wide variety of coils and windings. The ST124PP is easy to use, yet has sufficient sensitivity to be utilized for research and development.
Baker Instruments ST124PP Features
  • Both surge tester and DC Hipot in one instrument
  • High power to test DC field coils and form wound coils plus D .C. armatures
  • Versatile for testing all types of motors and generators
  • Auto over current trip on DC Hipot
Baker Instruments ST124PP Specs
Surge Test
Max Output Voltage 24V
Max Output Current 500A
Max Pulse 6J
DC High Potential Test
Max Output Voltage 12V
Max Output Current 5000μA
Overcurrent Trip (μA) 50/500/5000