Commtest VB8 Four Channel Vibration Analysis System

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Rent Commtest VB8 Four Channel Vibration Analysis System
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Commtest VB8
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Specifications Accessory Kit
The Commtest VB8 Four Channel Vibration Analysis System is a uniquely sophisticated and feature-packed instrument that remains intuitive in operation and flexible enough to suit every level of vibration analysis, from novice through to expert. The Ascent® software included contains the collective experience of over 25 years of expert in-depth machine fault analysis.
Commtest VB8 Features
  • Fully automated measurement parameter and alarm setups based on The Proven Method from Technical Associates
  • ISO 2372 and 10816 standards
  • 4 channel simultaneous recordings
  • Triax-enabled
  • 12 800 lines FFT resolution
  • Support for 80 kHz Fmax
  • 1GB memory – Virtually unlimited spectra storage
  • Modal Impact Testing & Cross Channel Spectrum (ODS)
  • Ability to export data in Universal File Format (UFF) for additional analysis in ODS software such as Vibrant Technology ME'scope
  • Large, high resolution (HVGA) backlit LCD
  • Support for acceleration, velocity, displacement, DC-coupled, current and voltage output sensors
  • Simultaneous acquisition – 2 plane balancing with up to 4 sensors
  • Unique Commtest 6Pack™ recording system
  • Numeric parameter input via keypad with Ascent® trend and alarm capability
  • Cable Test mode
  • Upgradable Proflash system
Commtest VB8 Accessories
Our Testing Kit Includes:
  • COMM-VB8-CASE01 | Soft carry Case with shoulder strap
  • GENE-USB-72 | USB Cable Type A, to Type B 72"
  • COMM-VB8-CHARGER01 | DC Car Charger/ Adapter
  • COMM-CBCC0027 | BNC adapter cable
  • COMM-MAGF0104 | Accelometer Magnetic Base, Female
  • COMM-T296 | Triple BNC to lemo Cable
  • COMM-VB8-CHARGER02 | Power Supply 12V---3000mA with power cord
  • COMM-MVBX0250 | vbSeries Instrument Reference Guide
  • COMM-VB8-MAN01 | Quick Start Guide
  • COMM-780A-D2-NR | Accelerometer
  • COMM-VB*-CD01 | Implementation Success Training CD
  • COMM-NSSK0275 | Neck Strap with Sensor Keeper
  • COMM-VB8-COIL-CBL01 | Accelorometer Coiled Cable
  • COMM-LASA0315 | Laser tachometer
  • COMM-L188 | Tachometer  Extension Cable, 5 meter
  • COMM-CB5G0024 | BNC Extension Cable, 5 meter (green)
  • COMM-CB5R0025 | BNC Extension Cable, 5 meter (red)
  • COMM-VB-CASE02 | Accessory Bag
  • COMM-VB8-MBS01 | Magnetic Base with Adjustable Stand
  • DELL-LATITUDE-D630 | DELL Latitude D630 Intel Core 2 Duo 2.20GHz 2GB Memory 80GB HDD 14.1 Windows 7 Professional
  • DELL-AA22850 | 65W AC/DC Adapter 19.5V 3.34A Output w/F2951 Power Cord
  • COMM-VB-R-TAPE01 | Reflective Tape
  • COMM-VB*-CD02 | Ascent Reference Guide CD
  • COMM-BATT0206 | Battery Pack (installed)