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The EMSCAN ERX+ EMC Scanner is a lightning-quick high resolution EMC/EMI diagnostic system with a minimum resolution of 60 microns and a frequency range for interference detection between 150kHz and 8GHz. EMSCAN ERX+ devices generate visual representations of potential EMI and EMC issues both before and after one conducts EMC testing, enabling PCB and design engineers to visualize hot spots, current loops or intermittent problems in real-time. 8 levels of resoultion, from 60 microns - 7.5 mm, are available, and after locating unintended radiators, engineers can zoom into the problem by selecting the resolution level based on the density of the board design. The built-in spectrum analyzer runs the EMSCAN ERX+, morphing it into a plug-and-play test system. Design engineers seeking to find, characterize and address unintended radiators or RF leakage to pass compliance testing can utilize the EMSCAN ERX+ to pre-test and resolve EMC and EMI problems early on, thus avoiding unexpected EMC compliance test results.