PMM SHC-1/1000 CISPR Passive Probes

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The PMM SHC1-1000 passive probe is designed to comply with CISPR 16-1-2 regulations and include a blocking capacitor to decouple the measured signal from any AC supply voltage which may be present on the line under test. The PMM SHC1-1000 has a total internal resistance between line and earth of more than 1500 ohm.

As several generic and product standards may require the use of Voltage Passive Probes, they are a must in a well-equipped EMC lab and on the test bench of any design engineer. The PMM SHC1-1000 passive probe connected to the RF input of an EMI receiver is able to pick up RF disturbance signal from the line under investigation.

The PMM SHC1-1000 passive probes also provide a standardized impedance as well as blocking the main AC/DC voltage and, thanks to the signal attenuation, it protects the receiver front-end from saturation and damages.