Espec SH Benchtop Chamber Series

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The Espec SH Benchtop Chamber Series feature environmental testing performance in a compact design. Available in 20-liter and 60-liter capacities, the Espec SH Benchtop Chamber Series offers a temperature range of -20°C, -40°C, or -60°C, to +150°C or +180°C while achieving excellent performance. Espec SH environmental chambers come equipped with a user-friendly 4.3-inch touch panel display, which allows for three-way access to the Espec SH environmental chamber and offers a broader range of options for superior expandability. Environmental chambers in the Espec SH series are designed with internal memory to store sampling data such as temperature and humidity settings, and measured values. You can set recording ON and OFF, and its interval manually.

The Espec SH Benchtop Chamber Series consists of the following chambers: Espec SH−242, Espec SH−262, Espec SH−642, and Espec SH−662.