Flir T420 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

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Rent Flir T420 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
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FLIR Systems T420
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T420 Datasheet Accessory Kit
The Flir T420 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera is part of the Flir T400-Series of thermal cameras. The Flir T420 is a camera that offers good performance at an affordable price. Excellent ergonomics and easy Customer support communication makes the T420 a truly user-friendly camera for the beginner or advanced user.

The Flir T420 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera has a tiltable IR unit, which makes it easy to capture images from any angle comfortably. The size and low weight of the camera facilitates its use over a full working day.

The Flir T420 has Wi-Fi capabilities which allows you to connect to smart phones or tablet PCs, for the wireless transfer of images or remote control of the camera. The Bluetooth®-based Meterlink™ function transfers readings from external measurement instruments to the IR image.
FLIR Systems T420 Specs
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +650ºC
  • 4x continuous digital zoom
  • IR resolution: 320 × 240 pixels
  • Thermal sensitivity/NETD: < 45 mK @ +30°C (+86°F)
  • Object temperature range:
    • –20°C to +120°C (–4°F to +248°F)
    • 0°C to +650°C (+32°F to +1202°F)
  • Spotmeter: 5
  • Area: 5 boxes with max/min/average