Fluke 8508A 8.5 Digit Reference Multimeter

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The Fluke 8508A 8.5 Digit Reference Multimeter is a versatile calibration device that combines stability and low noise for precise measurements. The 8508A multimeter guarantees reliable results across all uses, with incredible 24-hour stability of 0.5 ppm and 365-day stability at 2.7 ppm. The trusted results guarantee both uncertainty and accuracy that is unmatched by other multimeters that offer similar measurement functions.

Measurement ranges and capabilities will not be a worry when using the device, as the Fluke 8508A multimeter covers a vast range of AC and DC voltages. For both AC and DC measurements, this device measures in 5 ranges from 200 mV to 1000 V, and the impressive 8.5 digital resolution can be used for all ranges.

This 8508A 8.5 Digit Reference Multimeter also excels with its excellent current measurement system. When measuring AC or DC current, users can select from 6 ranges that stretch from 200 µA to 20 A. To improve current measurements, Fluke ensured resistance at the input would remain at zero to prevent nearly any difficulty with the measurement point.

The Fluke 8508A 8.5 Digit Reference Multimeter offers a comprehensive calibration device as it also collects precise resistance and temperature measurements. When measuring for resistance, the 8508A promises a range of 2Ω to 20GΩ and an exceptional resolution that reaches 10nΩ. When measuring temperature, the device offers a 2, 3, or 4-wire PRT or SPRT and a large temperature range from -200ºC to 660ºC.

Even with so many advanced and exceptional features, the Fluke 8508A multimeter provides a user-friendly interface that reduces human error. The multimeter has a simple control layout and Dual Paramtrix displays that clearly show test results. A full analog design further instills confidence when using the device, delivering simple and easy-to-read measurements. The organized digital display offers results in a simplified way to complement the device's versatile functionality.