Keysight 34410A Digital Multimeter

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The Keysight 34410A Digital Multimeter (formerly Agilent Technologies) is a high performance electronic measurement device that displays readings at a max. resolution of 6.5 digits and operates with an accuracy of .0030% DC, 0.06% AC. Expanding on the measurement speed of previous models, Keysight 34410A units now capture up to 10,000 readings at a 5.5 digit resolution. Results are then instantaneously streamed to your computer at the same speed. A robust and versatile test interface offers engineers fourteen different measurement functions, ranging from basic current, voltage and resistance tests to temperature, capacitance and diode testing. Trigger latency and trigger jitter hang below 1µ, ensuring quick and accurate triggering. Keysight 34410A devices possess a 1M reading memory along with LAN, USB and GPIB interfaces.

The Keysight 34410A Digital Multimeter was previously manufactured as the Agilent 34410A Digital Multimeter.