Keysight 3458A Multimeter

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3458A 8.5 Digital Multimeter
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3458A 8.5 Digital Multimeter 3458A 8.5 Digital Multimeter
Keysight 3458A
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The 3458A Multimeter provides both speed and accuracy in the R&D lab, on the production test floor, and in the calibration lab. The 3458A is a fast, flexible, and accurate multimeter. In your system or on the bench, the 3458A saves you time and money with unprecedented test system throughput and accuracy.

Select a reading rate of 100,000 readings per second for maximal test throughput. Or achieve highest levels of precision with up to 8.5 digits of measurement resolution and 0.1 part per million transfer accuracy. Add this to the 3458A´s simplicity of operation, and you have the ideal multimeter for your most demanding applications.

Keysight 3458A Specs
DC Volts
5 ranges: 0.1 V to 1000 V
9 ranges: 10 ohmsto 1 G ohms
8½ to 4½ digits resolution
Up to 100,000 readings /s (4½ digits)
Maximum sensitivity: 10 nV
8 ppm (4 ppm optional)/year voltage reference stability
0.6 ppm 24-hour accuracy
2-wire and 4-wire ohms with offset compensation
Up to 50,000 readings/s (5½ digits)
Maximum sensitivity: 10 µ ohms
2.2 ppm 24-hour accuracy
AC Volts
6 ranges: 10mV - 1000V
1Hz - 10MHz bandwidth
Up to 50 readings/s with all readings to specified accuracy
Choice of sampling or analog true rms techniques
100ppm best accuracy
DC Current
8 ranges: 100 nA to 1 A
Up to 1,350 readings/s (5½ digits)
Maximum sensitivity: 1 pA
14 ppm 24-hour accuracy
AC Current
5 ranges: 100 &microA - 1A
10Hz - 100kHz bandwidth
Up to 50 readings/s
500 ppm 24-hour accuracy
Frequency and Period
Frequency: 1Hz - 10MHz
Period: 100ns -
Voltage and current ranges
0.01% accuracy
AC or DC coupled