Fluke MDA-510 and MDA-550 Motor Drive Analyzers

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Fluke MDA-510 and MDA-550 Motor Drive Analyzers are portable motor-drive analysis test tools that help to safely locate and troubleshoot typical problems on inverter-type motor-drive systems. Fluke MDA-550 and MDA-510 analyzers save time and eliminate the hassle of setting up complex measurements while simplifying the troubleshooting process. Simply select a test and the step-by-step guided measurements show you where to make voltage and current connections, while the preset measurement profiles ensure you will capture all the data you need for each critical motor-drive section—from the input to the output, the DC bus, and the motor itself. From basic to advanced measurements, the MDA-500 Series has you covered, and with a built-in report generator you can quickly and easily generate as-found, and as-left reports with confidence.