Fluke RSE300 Mounted Infrared Camera

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Fluke introduces the first ever fully-radiometric mounted infrared camera, the Fluke RSE300 Mounted Infrared Camera. Equipped with advanced features and software plug-ins to MATLAB and LabVIEW, Fluke RSE300 Mounted Infrared Cameras are ideal for continuously streaming and analyzing infrared data. Fluke RSE300 Mounted Infrared Cameras are designed for your research, science and engineering needs. Enhance your testing and quality assurance procedures by mounting the Fluke RSE300 to your workstation. Continuously stream up to 60 frames of data per second directly to your computer to monitor minute temperature differences and analyze videos frame-by-frame remotely from SmartView desktop software. Enhance your viewing experience with optional add-on lenses to target different applications (analyzing from a distance or getting the close-up details).