Fluke TiR Thermal Imager, 9Hz

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The Fluke TiR Thermal Imager, 9Hz is optimized for building envelope, restoration and remediation, inspection and roofing applications. The Fluke TiR comes with IR-Fusion technology that integrates infrared and visual (visible light) images communicating critical information faster and easier traditional than infrared images. IR-Fusion, a patent-pending technology that simultaneously captures a digital photo in addition to the infrared image and fuses it together taking the mystery out of IR image analysis. Thermal imaging is an efficient, non-destructive testing method to detect (potential) problem areas.

Fluke TiR Thermal Imagers are built specifically for the building diagnostic industry. Property managers and facility managers use thermal imaging to protect investments and keep buildings in a well maintained, healthy state. Restoration professionals are using thermal imaging to increase their business, differentiate themselves from their competitors and generate documentation in case they need to defend a future liability claim.